Aly was born in Los Angeles, California and as a child was relocated to Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up she enjoyed the arts, caring for animals, street hockey, pogs, and video games, tons and tons of video games. Graduating from Red Mountain High School in 2004, Aly with her love of animals decided to dive into the Veterinary field to only find that art and design was just in her heart and after 10 years of being a Veterinary Technician she decided to move to Seattle to pursue a career in the Game Industry as an Artist. Aly caught a lucky break and was offered an internship with Camouflaj Game Studios, which later turned into a contract position as a Production Assistant in launching Episode 1 of 5 of the episodic game “Republique”. After that, like a lost puppy she knew that this industry was her home. She decided to move back to Arizona to attend college in order to perfect her craft and receive her degree in Game Art and Interactive Media Design. After years of late nights and dedication she did just that, graduating from Full Sail University with her Bachelor of Science in 2016. Later, The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences would toss their strongest Pokéball and catch her as a representative to help others who were just like her reach their dreams in the industry as she freelances her art skills. Little did she know she would meet some of the greatest connections in the audio industry and was able to collaborate with a CRAS Instructor’s indie game studio, Ghost Street Games, assisting in the design of their logo and game art for their phone game “Alien Tap Attack, as well as aided in the designed logo for a fellow entrepreneur, Abandoned Heirlooms. Now, with nothing but determination she hopes to find her new home away from home in the industry of art, games, and design.